Anyone knows about I need help also?

Question:I have an account at .. I just want to ask for those people who are kind enough to help me get the scholarship money. I will be attending college this fall sem..and I need it for my enrollment. okay, all you have to do is to SIGNUP an account there and vote me. my screen name is CLARA ... Of course, you could see if I deserve the price. you can browse my posts there... here is the link for my candidate's profile..

...i know there is still someone out there wants to reach out and help..

I would really appreciate everything..

Thank you!

God bless you all..


Have you applied for financial assistance by completing the FAFSA? This should be your first step as it will allow you to be considered for federal (and possibly state and institutional) financial assistance. The application can be completed at
This website may be able to help you
A big reason people fail to get a scholarship is LACK of motivation. When I received my scholarship 5 years ago, I filled out every scholarship offer in front of me. here's a site with quite a few scholarship sources scholarship.html

Best of luck to you!

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