Are there any good ways to get money for college that are not student loans provided by schools?

Question:going to a small school that has a small tution and does not offer fin. aid. Also, need money for flights to and from each month. i just started a new job, don't have great credit yet, am young and have no cosigner. basically running out of options.

Check and they offer many scholarships that you can apply for.
I believe you can get a student loan NOT through your school with Sallie Mae but don't quote me on that...
Look under they ahve all kinds of scholarships adn colleges and internships. It has helped me greatly.
I just graduated from High School, and have a decent GPA. I wanted to apply to many schools, and also see what scholarships I qualified for. I went to see my guidance counselor just before Graduation and he put me in touch with this website:

I checked it out, and have been in touch with several scholarship programs, and have applied to over 30 schools aimed at what I wanted to study without much hassle. It also didn't cost me anything so another plus as money is pretty tight for me. Good Luck.
Maybe are you able to get federal loans ?

I guess your school has a financial aid office.

Or try with your bank.

Good luck !

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