Is the United States Achievement Academy a scam or something.?

Question:I got a letter from them last year when i had real good grades A+ average but this year I got a B+ and they still sent me one does this matter to anybody like colleges or is it just some people trying to make come cash?

If you have to send them money, then it's a scam.
from the BBB:

This company is in the business of publishing and selling biographical directories listing students from across the United States in various academic and extracurricular activities.

Student nominations are solicited from middle school, high school and college instructors for inclusion in its directories. Additionally, the firm seeks participants from various honor roll listings.

Students are not required to pay to have their names and biographical information listed, nor are they required to buy a yearbook. At the student's option, however, the student's picture can be included for a $14.95 fee. The firm states it is funded by proceeds from the sale of its yearbooks which are primarily marketed to participants and their family members for $50 to $60.

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