Are all of the scholarships availbable on real?

Question:I am wondering if there are any scam scholarships on and if there are how can I know?

Fastweb doesn't (and can't, when you think about it) check out every single one of the hundreds of thousands of listings in its database. So, yeah, some of them are not quite legit. You have to be a little careful.
Some of them aren't even scholarships- they're sweepstakes/drawings. It's ok to enter as long as the sponsor is a legitimate organization- always check them out first, and never send off your contact info to any site that doesn't seem legitimate to you.
As far as those essay contests and other scholarships go: most of them are for real, but some are shady. NEVER enter anything that asks for an entrance fee (I've seen a couple listed on fastweb that do). Likewise, don't pay for anyone to search for scholarships for you, or to fill out your FAFSA for you.
If a program is sponsored by a company you haven't heard of, see what you can find out about them before you apply. (Read their website carefully, and google them to see what else you can find.) Make sure they have real contact info posted on their site-- it's a bad sign if you can't get in touch with them to ask questions. Just use common sense, and if anything seems funny to you, be careful. If you have questions about a program, you can usually also ask someone at your school if you have a scholarship or financial aid office.
(I work as a scholarship counselor.)
Good luck!
I got this paper from the financial aid office at my school and it said that is a great place to look for scholarships. IThey would not send that out if it was a scam, that would make the college look bad. I have not applied for any yet but I will be soon. Good luck in school!

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