A medic student who doesn't love medic,, what should he do??

Question:he stuck with scholarship agreement that he cannot drop the field unless he pay back all the money he already got (approx. >15000 dollars).. any advice??

Good Luck, Buddy!
It sounds to me like the scholarship contract is illegal ~~~ what country is your friend living in ??

Worst comes to worse advise him to go into the field of pathology (autopsy) where at least he can't kill anyone.
You're stuck now, you'll just have to bend over, and stick with the medical field. Shoulda thought about it before you took it. So now for the next 30 years of your life, keep quite and bend over.

ps. dont forget to lube up
I would encourage that he drop it while he still has the chance. How far in is he, I'm guessing a year? I know of the nursing/medicine scholarships that requires commitment to the field, or else the amount turns into a loan. It's to prevent people who don't really want to do it from wasting time and money. You can spend five years paying it back, or a lifetime of hating your job everyday. Money can be paid back, so I'd just let it go.

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