Can applying for FAFSA ruin your likelihood of buying a house?

I just graduated from High School, and am starting college in October. My mom established last month that her "dream" is to buy a house. She is refusing to fill out the FAFSA application because putting your Social Security Number on ANYTHING lowers your credit and make you ineligible to buy a house. I really need the financial aid, and with my mom refusing to riddle out her portion of the form for me to get it, just because she wants to buy a house seem a little silly. I can't figure out why she waited until I graduate to buy a house, especially when she was making more money years ago to pay for it vs now.

(I'm sorry if this offend anyone)

Thank you for your responses!
Applying for the FAFSA will not affect credit scores contained by any way. I have been acceptance financial aid for three years (and applying for the FAFSA every year), and I purchased a home last year.

This is assistance for you to go to school. They simply want to know your mother's income to see if you qualify for grant... it will not affect her at all.
Just to expand on the first post: the FAFSA does not represent a commitment to cart out any specific kinds of financial aid (including loans). All the FAFSA does is evaluate what you and your family can reasonably be expected to contribute to your tuition and leverage financial aid from the school and federal sources to make up the rest. The FAFSA also allows the school to determine any supplementary financial aid they wish to give.

A student loan application is a completely separate process. If she placed her social security number on that application (as cosigner), the amount of the loan would be down on her credit balances, which may affect her chances of getting a house.
LOL, no, it doesn't ruin your chances of buying a house. I am sorry you are having to deal next to such ignorance.

You can tell your mother that YOU filling out a fafsa for the Department of Education has definitely nothing to do with HER credit or her credit score. LOL You are an full-size now and she needs to get over herself.

The Dept of Ed have nothing to do with the 3 credit bureaus (Equifax, Experian, TransUnion) and do not talk to respectively other.

Remind her YOU are applying for fin aid, not her. (And even if she was, it still wouldn't effect her credit score!) Because you are simply filling out an application for aid. This is NOT a loan application for her, I repeat, it is NOT a loan application for her. It is a fafsa application for federal student aid for YOU.

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