130 IQ rating???

Question:Just found out i have an IQ of 130, is that any good? Whats average? I'm 25 years old

Yup. It's good-but don't let it go to your head!

A lot depends on what test you took that gave you that number. The one usually associated with that scale is the W.A.I.S., Wechsler Adult Intelligence Scale. Other tests have different score ranges.

I've been tested frequently all my life, starting at age four. I was pretty cocky about my 145.until I was given other 'IQ' tests. Some I can breeze through but some just stump me.
A high IQ doesn't mean much without common sense and working hard. Make the most of it!
average IQ is between 90 - 110. 130 is good.
Very good BUT Do you have any common sense. Seems to lack in intelligent people.
that's good- average is between 100-115 I think. However different iq tests have different ranges, although they're all close. Do a couple to get an average.
me done got good too, me gone got IQ of 87 and dat is good. I is 28 yeirs old !
130 Is Good why not?
That is very good. It puts you in the top two or three percent of the population.
Average is about 100, genius is about 150-160, so you may consider yourself "very bright."
Now do something smart.
IQ averages vary but are normally 100-110. George W Bush is rated at 82 if that makes you feel better :-)
Men had an average score of 111, compared with 104 for women.

The average IQ is supposed to be between 90 and 110, and most participants turned out to be at the top.

But im Guessing if you did have this score that you would be able to do a quick search and find out yourself so you are either telling lies or you just want a few pats on the back. which is is?
Depends which test you took...
British Mensa uses two main tests to identify people's IQ scores, the Cattell III B and the Cattell Culture Fair.
A top 2% mark in any of these frequently used tests below qualifies you for entry to Mensa. The minimum test mark to get into Mensa is:
* Cattell III B - 148
* Culture Fair - 132
* Ravens Advanced Matrices - 135
* Ravens Standard Matrices - 131
* Wechsler Scales - 132

Well done! You're way above average...my I.Q. is 148 at the mo...I'm always hoping to get it higher though!
Average (the mean) is by definition 100. 130 is about twice a standard deviation about the mean. Only 5% on the left and right side are not in the area from -2 SD to +2SD, on the right side it's only 2.5%, so you belong to the 2.5% of people with the highest intelligence.
If this number reflects both your language and performance skills, you should be able to graduate at University.
So what are you doing on Y/A with the rest of us thickos?

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