10 key documents of US history?

1. Declaration of Independence 1776 (Birth announcement of this nation)
2. Articles of Confederation1781(First Government)
3. U.S. Constitution 1787 (current Govt.)
4. Bill of rights [(actually ten separate documents passed and ratified 1789-1791) Mainstay of our civil liberties]
5.Louisiana Purchase 1803(Doubled size of nation, increased westward movement of Americans, secured Mississippi River for trade and national security, affirmed elastic clause of U.S. Constitution {Article 2 Section 8 clause 18})
6.Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo 1848 (Completed Manifest Destiny, along with annexation of Texas 1845 and Oregon Treaty 1846)
7.13 th Amendment 1865 ( abolished slavery)
8. Alaska Purchase 1867
9.New deal 1933 ( many govt. programs too numerous to mention)
10 Civil Rights Act 1964 (ensured voting rights for all)

Honorable mentions
National security act 1947, Treaty of Versailles 1919,

Dishonorable mentions Watergate transcripts 1974, USA-PATRIOT Act 2001,Taft-Hartley law 1947,Alien and Sedition Act 1798,Hawley-Smoot Tariff 1930
1) Constitution
2) Bill of Rights
3) Declaration of Independence
4) Articles of Confederation
5) Mayflower Compact
6) The Federalist Papers
7) Tom Paine's pamphlets
8) The Alien and Sedition Acts
9) Marbury vs Madison
10) Washington's Farewell Address to the Nation

(these are my opinions only, but I have a BA in political science)

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