11 year old girl websites?

Question:She knows a lot of websites like neopets webkinz clubpenguin everythinggirl girlsense disney nick stardoll and others. she like fashion and building houses websites so if you have them things or others that will help. thanks

well if she like fashion dressupgames.com is the place for her,shell spend hours on it.
Does she like to read novels? If so, track down the website where you write your own endings to novels that you read and you liked. You get to change the ending to the story, instead of what the author wrote.

This would be an awesome way to get better at writing, but don't tell her THAT. Just tell her how much fun it would be to think up new endings to her favorite stories! Sound enthusiastic. Because IT IS FUN! Just different.

Call a bookstore if you can't find the website and maybe they know it.

Persist. I know the website is out there because my kid, who isn't home at the moment or I would ask her, really got into it. She spent hours at it, reading and laughing over other people's endings, and writing her own.

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