20/21 Questions!?

Question:When someone asks you loads of questions...is the saying...God! what is this 20 questions OR is the saying...God! what is this 21 questions...? Really would like to know, it would settle a debate between me and my friend...Thank You!

20Q have u never seen the little sphere that has 20Q on the side and asks twenty questions. 20 dammit 20
21 Questions ;)

ok people chill the f*k out!
what r u giving me thumbs down for? am i offending anyone?
I would say 21, because of the game 21 questions!!
and i'm not the only one..
20 questions
its 20 questions
Geez, what is this 20 questions?
20 q's
usually 20 questions - hope that's the one you chose lol..
20 questions
20 questions. I have never heard of 21 questions.
it's 20 questions. You know, like the game?
20 questions
20 !
20 questions...its based upon an old kids game (now sold in electronic format at toy stores)
20, There is a game called 20 questions. and that is where the saying came from. What are we, playing 20 questions?
20 questions
20 questions
It is 20 questions. It is based on a game of 20 questions, one person gets 20 questions to figure out what the other is thinking of. Hope I helped!
20 questions
what is this 20 questions.
well as far as i'm aware it's 20 questions.
Being that there is a litle game called 21 questions...I would say that the say is "god.. What's this 21 questions?"
It's Twenty Questions. That was the name of a game that was popular during the 60s an 70 and became a TV show as well. The contestant had 20 quesitons to narrow his or her search from one object in the entire universe, and identifying that object.
The beginning questions were usually;
Is it animal?
Is it vegetable?
Is it mineral?
It was quite a challenging game, because it spanned all continents, all cultures - but by a bit of logical thinking, you could usually isolate a very narrow set of possibilities.
21 questions is a game and the saying is "what is this 20 questions?"

if that makes sense...
I always say "20 questions".

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