Anybody recognize this symbol ╧? What is it? Thanks.?

Because you asked another question about Russian..I had a suspicion about that I did an experiment.
I changed the encoding to Cyrillic (ISO) and got the Russian letter y ( й )
I'm going to step you through the process to change the encoding... in case you don't know how.

Open the page that has that symbol
right click on the page
put your cursor over the word "encoding"
put your cursor over the word "more"
click on Cyrillic (ISO)

That should do it! If not, try other Cyrillic encodings.

I usually find the encoding I need to use is Cyrillic (KOI8R)
Perpendicular symbol..used in geometry.

More about perpendicular:

In geometry, two lines or planes (or a line and a plane), are considered perpendicular (or orthogonal) if one falls on the other in such a way as to create congruent adjacent angles. The term may be used as a noun or adjective. Thus, referring to Figure 1, the line AB is the perpendicular to CD through the point B.

If a line is perpendicular to another as in Figure 1, all of the angles created by their intersection are called right angles (right angles measure ½π radians, or 90°). Conversely, any lines that meet to form right angles are perpendicular. The line AB does not have to end at B to be considered perpendicular.

In a co-ordinate plane, perpendicular lines have opposite reciprocal slopes. Horizontal and vertical lines have zero and positive/negative infinity.
No i don't know the symbol.
╧ means Box Drawings Up Single And Horizontal Double.

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