7th grade help?

Question:I am going to 7th grade any sdvice how to survive

Are you talking about socially or academically?

Socially - try to be nice to everyone and just be yourself. Don't try to be anything else just to fit in. I did Girl Guides when I was in year 7 (which was totally uncool) and I didnt deny it, but I didnt boast about it either. same goes for any so-called dorky activity that you do.

academically - just work hard, do your homework and do your best. if you do those and still do badly, ask for some extra tutoring from your teachers. they are there to help you.
work hard and stay calm
i just got out of 7th grade. and it was the worst year of my life.
but during the year your really gonna find yourself, and your true friends. Also, this year everybody will be trying to find out who they really are, and the grade will be seperated by "groups".EX:[prep-emo-goth] and its so stupid. dont let people sterotype you. be yourself. this year will be the most life changing year. at least it was for me. and alot of my other friends.
Oh i remember that! I'm in high school now, but i remember how scary it was at first. But found out there's nothing to be scared about! It's actually fun because you still have your regular elementary school friends, but then you've got more kids too- so more friends. Sports are better. And you're not stuck in the same class room all day... the day flies! The only thing I'd suggest is just to be yourself, and not to get into any drugs. There will be people that will try to get you to do it and tell you it's harmless but really the stuff is crap! I've seen my friends go down the tube when it comes to smoking weed and stuff. So just don't give in to any of that, be yourself, and you're good to go. Good luck and have fun!

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