8th Grade Graduation Speech Help?

Question:I am writing a speech about highschool and about moving onto highschool. Can anybody help please?

Talk about some of the major events that occured in 8th grade; things that make your "graduating class" different than the rest. You can even share some personal middle school/jr. high stories.
8th grade is getting a graduation? You've got to be kidding me! This society that we live in ... good grief ... we are spoiling the crap out of our kids!
Here's a great quote to end your speech with. It's by K.W. Emerson:

What lies behind us and what lies before us are small matters compared to what lies within us.

Congratulations, by the way!
ooh, at my middle school when i graduated (two years ago), the valedictorians had to present speeches. they talked about the teachers who influenced them the most, what the most memorable parts of middle school was, how the whole middle school process helped prepare them for h.s., who they would miss the most(teachers wise), what they learned the most, funny anectdotes and experiences, what they're excited for about h.s. etcetc. the possibilities are endless but those are just some suggestions.

try to be sincere and honest, since those are the best speeches. dont say something you don't really mean, and when you talk about that teacher, look at them in the eye, then diverge your eyes to the rest of the audience.

good luck!(:

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