*ten easy points* what's a good award?

Question:so in my speech class one of our finals is to give an award to someone that we got by random...the thing is i don't know what to get my person...the rules are that you have to make or buy something under 5 dollars...i'm willing to spend 10...i was thinking about getting them a little pastic trophy award but i don't know where they sell them, does anyone know where?.

suggestions are welcomed

Have you tried a party supply store, like Party City? They often sel things like fake medals, so fake trphies might be there too.
a nice ink-pen would be good.
if you live in L.A. at Citywalk there's a store filled with awards that say everything from "best friend" to "best " pretty much anything...
If you live in a big enough city, they should have a specific store that sells trophies and things like that, you know for little league teams, etc. Look it up on mapquest or the phone book under "trophies" or "awards"

You could always try Wal-Mart but I'm not positive that they'll have what you're looking for.
I wouldn't go for a trophy, because that's just glitz. Something more personal would be nice, like a pencil case, a set of markers, or something fun, like a Rubik's cube or a pack of Uno cards.

Speech class ROX!
That sounds like fun! You should take the word "award" in a really creative way. Instead of thinking about a trophy, you could get the person jelly beans in their favorite flavor (if you know, and if you don't know, get them in your favorite flavor), and put them in a slender and skinny clear plastic bag, you know the kind made for candy. Then, get like 3 boxes of tic tacs and stack them, then wrap them in a clear translucent cool-looking plastic wrapping paper. You can place the bag of jelly beans on top of t the tic-tacs. (Put tape on the bottom of the bag of jelly beans before putting them on the boxes of tic tacs.) Then, get some nice stationary, or just plain white printer paper, cut it into about the size of the front of a tic tac box, and write in cursive or your best penmanship, something that you admire about that person. Make it up, like for example "Awarded 1st Place// (Person's Name)// Best Dressed OR Most Funny OR Most compassionate, something like that. Put this paper on the front of the tic-tacs box, so that the front view so far is obscuring the view of the tic tacs , altogether. The "//" means to skip a line. Then, as a finishing touch, you can add a miny yellow crown made from construction paper, if it's a guy, or a tiara if its a girl. I also suggest a really pretty, and shiny, maybe (fake) diamond-jeweled hair clip. You can place the crown/tiara tilted on the side of the top left corner of the bag of jelly beans, as a finishing touch. The jellybeans will probably cost about $4.00 if you buy a lot, and try to use wrapping paper that you already have, but if you don't they come in packs for about $2.00 at Hallmark. If you buy a hair clip, that'll probably cost about $2.00, too.The tic-tacs will cost about $2.00. As for the construction paper and stationary, you might already have that at home. I know, it sounds like a lot of work, just for an award, but it's gonna look so totally awesome and unique and cool! But, if you don't want to do so much work, just buy the jellybeans.

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