"When I grow up..." vs. Your career now. Did you sell out?

Question:Please answer ALL THREE of the following questions to even be considered for Best Answer points:

1. What did you want to be when you were little ("When I grow up...")?

2. What do you do now?

3. How do you feel about that?

1. The first career I ever really wanted (very young age) was a Schwann's delivery truck driver, because I thought you got free ice cream. Around high school time I was inspired to be an English teacher, but my parents (who always think $ first) talked me out of it.

2. Right now I'm 2 years away from graduating with a degree in Computer Engineering.

3. I hate my major, but am totally uninspired by most of the majors out there, and so at this point I'm just sticking it out with the thought that a degree in SOMETHING is better than no degree at all. I love school, but I've yet to click in my major, and I worry all the time that I'm going to be one of those people that gets stuck doing something I despise for the rest of my life...
no,I got what I wanted
"What I wanted to be when I grew up" changed every 5 minutes, or so it seemed to those around me. I really didn't know. Even in university, I didn't know. When I had to choose a major, I chose education because I didn't really know what to do. After three years in university, I got a call to fulltime Christian ministry (still didn't know what kind exactly) so I changed schools and went to a Bible college. While I was there, God showed me what He had in mind. I'm now with an international traveling repertory Christian theatre company -- have been for over 20 years. It's where God wants me. I feel pretty good about that.

Funny thing is, while I was growing up, even though I didn't know what I wanted to be, my favorite Bible verse was I Cor 3:9 "for you are workers together with God, you are His field and His building." Somewhere down deep inside, my heart knew I was meant for missions work. I have a different favorite verse now, but I still really like that one, too.

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