A bunch of questions on Modern World History, answer what you know...?

Question:Please note before i ask these questions, i am NOT using this information for homework / an assinment, i am asking you this becuase I want to know myself. And also just answer what you know.

Please tell me the significants (who, what, when, why, ect...) of the following:

-solidarity movement
-perestroika and Glasnost
-Fall of the Soviet Union
-Velvet Revolution
-Fall of the Berlin Wall
-Bosnian Civil War
-Slobodan Milosevic
-Founding of the Israeli State
-Suez Crisis of 1956
-Charles DeGaulle and the Struggle for Algerian Independence
-Darfur Crisis
-Idi Amin
-Palestinian Liberation Organization
-Israeli-Egyption Conflicts and Peace

Assuming your goal is personal and not academic enlightenment, I can tell you that each of these topics involves the struggle for human dignity in the 20th century. Most of the named topics (Slobodan, Idi et al) were dictators; ruthless as they come. The solidarity movement involved Lech Walesa, a former trade union and human rights activist in Poland. Apartheid involved state sanctioned discrimination of the worst kind in South Africa.

Each of these topics can be reviewed in better detail on wikipedia. Good luck with your search for truth and wisdom.

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