10 Points to whoever can answer me these questions about Rober Scott best! Thanx!?

Question:Best answer gets 10 points, thanx!
1. What initiated the need for the expedition to antarctica?
2. Explain methods Scott used to find out about Antartica and its enviroment
3.What was his diet while in the South Pole?
4. What was the method he used to get to the south pole?

Thanx so much!

1 Robert Scott led an expedition to Antarctica in 1901 as the result of a request by Sir Clements Markham, the former polar explorer and then President Royal Geographical Society. This was an expedition of research and discovery. He led a subsequent expedition in 1912 with the aim of being the first to the South Pole. He was keen to lead because he enjoyed the challenges of scientific work and being in command, and he had a sense of adventure.

2 During his first expedition he used a balloon to gather information about Antarctica. He also took a scientific equipment with which he and his party also collected data, such as weather contions, and survival.

3 Biscuits Pemmican Butter and cheese Sugar Cocoa
Apparently one of the reasons for not surviving the final expedition was lack of sufficient food.

4 The expedition travelled by motorized sledges because Scott distrusted dogs.
How are we supposed to know this? seriously
Read this and draw your own conclusions:


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