If you're 15, what grade should you be in?

Question:If you did NOT fail.

9th or 10th, depending on when your birthday is.

9th grade usually if you were born in November.

Usually the end of October is the cutoff for starting the school year with kids of the same age as you are. So instead of starting 1st grade when you were six, you'd start it when you were seven. It would then go like this:

8 years old = 2nd grade
9 years old = 3rd grade
10 years old = 4th grade
11 years old = 5th grade
12 years old = 6th grade
13 years old = 7th grade
14 years old = 8th grade
15 years old = 9th grade

As I said, though, this is usually the way it goes. Some schools will allow a child born in November to attend in the same year as the other kids, so it isn't always the case.

BTW you only mentioned a scenario of not failing, but not one of advancing a grade or two.
A freshmen 9th grade.
9th or 10th depends on when u were born.(month)
9 or 10th
9th or 10 either one depending on your b-day
Sophmore,whoop whoop!
Probly a sophomore or a freshman depending on your b-day
You should be going into sophmore year of h.s.
End of Frosh or beginning of Soph
9th or 10th
probally about 9th or 10th grade in high school :)
You Should be a Freshy
Sophomore in high school (assuming you started First Grade at age 6).
You should be in 10th grade
A Sophomore. Grade 10.
you should be a freshman (9th grade)
im 15 and i cam going into 10th grade witch means im going to be a sophmore!
you should be in 10th
9th/10th grade depending on the time of year your birthday is.
turning 15...freshman in highschool.
15 turning 16...sophmore in high school.
10th unless u just barly turned 15 over the summer, than 9th
depending when your birthday is and the cut off for school. if your birthday is before September then you should be in the 9th grade and if it's after September then in the 8th. but like i said.. it's all dependent on what the school requirements are and when you're birthday falls
if your birthday is after september 1 you should be going into 9th grade, if your birthday is before september 1 you should be going into tenth grade
You can be in eighth or ninth, because I have some friends with me in my eighth grade class who are 15 (they didn't fail, they took an extra class between K and grade 1)

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