A job for the 6 week hols?

Question:I have just completed my teacher training and am thinking about getting a job for the summer hols, starting 21st July. I want something fun/adventurous to do, but am lacking ideas and don't know who to contact, any ideas?

If you are looking at making money, all the usual suspects apply - fish4jobs is my favourite but there are tons of others.

If you want to volunteer and are willing to put out some cash, I have somefriends who have had brilliant experiences with BUNAC. They are international and can be very challenging.

Check out their site but check dates carefully - you might be a bit late - it depends where you want to go.

If you fancy a financial challenge that might turn into a lifetime passion, have a look at the second link.

Have a great summer
I think that would depend on the age group and what the set curriculum is for where you are going to be teaching. I then would almost bet you will have a better idea of some fun and adventurous. I know it is not the greatest answer but it is the best I have
Maybe you could contact local school holiday clubs to see if they have any jobs going. You could even volunteer or something.

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