5 IB classes and a job?

Question:Right now I'm about to be a junior in high school and I signed up for 5 IB classes. Do you guys think it's possible that I can have a part time job, volleyball, do all 5 IB classes and still get really good grades?

I think if you have good time management and are very focused you should do fine. If you get distracted easily and will lose focus, then I don't recommend this path. However, you will have to work very hard; five IB classes will mean a lot of homework, especially reading. With a job and volleyball, you will be up late on a lot of weeknights.
This is absolutely possible. When I was a senior in high school, I took 7 IB classes, worked part time, and participated in my high school drama club. I still had plenty of time to do everything else I needed to do. I pulled off Straight A's.

So long as you plan and follow your plans, you'll do fine.
I think you can you can do it! If you took the initiative to sign up for these classes shows that you've thought about it and feel that you can handle the work. A lot of people I knew in high school scared away from advanced classes, but you are probably smart enough to manage your time well so that you can accomplish these goals.
I was in the IB program during high school and it was impossible for me to keep a job, do all my homework, and get enough sleep. Since you are going to be a junior, say hello to internal assessments which are brutal. Volleyball requires a lot of practices after school and it's much more rewarding than a job. Do IB, it will pay off and get you into the college you want to go to. Don't get a job, it will only hurt you. Are you in the IB Program or are you only taking classes to obtain certificates?

-Beachbum's Daughter (IB Graduate :) )
be prepared to manage your time very effectively and efficiantly and have a flexible work schedule or not sleep at all. i had all ib classes on my schedule (7 classes) and i worked part-time and did clubs at school and i procrastinated A LOTand now i am hooked on caffeine. be prepared to call out of work and to work very hard especially if you want to keep your grades up. i got a's and a few b's.

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