A good education is the key to success?

Precisely. With education comes opportunity.
Either that or inherit a fortune :))
absolutely, without a doubt! I've worked in the same place for 18 years and have been denied a promotion because I do not have a degree. And most places are looking for degrees now, more than ever. I have all the knowlege and skill for the promotions, but not that piece of paper! And, I've been told that by administration! So..yes, get that degree! I kick myself everyday for not graduating college.
Define success. I think that any knowledge gained, is a plus.
The key, no. A factor to success, most likely.
Some people can work hard without an education and still succeed. Some people can be really lucky and be at the right place at the right time and succeed. Some people inherit success.
Success is not a one recipe thing. The real key is wanting it.
I believe so. It helps you find jobs that pay high. However, there are cases to disprove this popular adage. One man became a millionaire, not because he finished college and got himself a high-paying job, but because he used his brain, his instincts to strike while the iron is hot, so to say. Another man became the president of a company. He also did not finish college but he married the boss's only daughter. Anyway, these are just examples of a very few who attained success in their life not because they got good education or finished college. But nevertheless, its pays to have good education, to finish school. Opportunities like the ones I mentioned come once in a lifetime and should you wait for that chance, it may never come. Getting proper education can teach you not only about history or english or mathemathics, it also teach you discipline, patience, learning skills and the most important thing, how to be a human being.
I don't really agree to this statement. It is part of the route to success. There are other factors like your attitude, morale education etc. They are also part of the factors that form the key to success
Good education is necessary in today's world but I don't think it is a guarantee to success.

Education is a stepping stone to good career opportunities, after that, you have to rely on your working experiences as well as EQ to help you become successful at work.
Well, that really depends how you define success.

If success means having a good life, then a good education can help you attain a good job, but in no way does it guarantee one. Everyone knows about students who cheat their way through school or those who decide not to pay attention in class. So what if they receive a good education? What's important is that one learns. This information can then be applied to real life. Education is not limited to school and includes life lessons from parents and friends as well. Certainly, a good education will help one in life.

However, a good education can only help one succeed. One's personality and character matter a whole lot. There are people with loads of money out there who are depressed. There are people who went to Yale and turned out worse than someone who went to UCLA. For instance, a lazy person, even with a good education, may not succeed. So what if one becomes a doctor but doesn't work? Also, one has to communicate to the world. Good education can foster brilliant minds, but if they don't speak out to the world, no one can hear their voice. Sometimes, even the best of education can mean nothing.

But really, it depends on how you deifne success. If you want to succeed in getting the highest IQ, of course a good education is important. If you want to find a good spouse, what does a good education do? Not much. Either way, however, notice that good education is not a key. There are those who succeed with excellent education and those who succeed without it.
you know for a long time i thought that education was the key to success but education has failed me lately.and i was talking to a JANITOR at my old high school..he has a PH.D, a degree in science and medicine and he is scrubbing floors for kids.so how has enucation served this guy?

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