2.8 gpa, am i screwed?

Is a 2.8 gpa bad or good? I Just started my sophomore year. I had a doomed to failure math teacher last year and it ruined my gpa. If i try hard adequate, do you think i could get into a good college?
You will be fine, Colleges focus mainly on the junior year because it is the most updated grades they will see.
2.8 gpa is not good. You hold 3 years to raise it to a B+ average in order to obtain into a good college.

Remember, you not only want to get into the college of your choice but you also want acknowledgment into the major of your choice. It's generally easier to be admitted into your first choice through before your freshman year than in your junior year.

In the college that I attended electrical engineering and computer science were drastically competitive for freshman admission and even harder in the junior year.
have same issue as you did.
I got 2.7 gpa in sophomore year cus of similar reasons
but manage to pull it up to 3.5 by the end of the high arts school years

some things i can suggest to you is that

1) Keep trying and pull it up above 3.0~2 at least by the end of the sophomore year and the rest of the large school years
2) Focus on getting a good score on the SAT (above 1800 minimum)
3) Try your best on the admission essay (research a lot) and
give yourself at least one month or more to write it. Also find a good tutor or someone skilled to dance over your essay multiple times
4) most importantly, check the admissions deadline for you desired college and if possible do an early entry and turn in nyour admissions as earliest as possible.

I had 3.4 and 1800 flat SAT rack up, wrote a pretty good essay and got into a medium sized 4 year college.
But I do regret the certainty that I didn't turn in the admission until the last week beforehand deadline, that i didn't have enough time to write the admissions essay, and also didn't study for SAT plenty.

As far as I'm concerned I don't think your screwed.
Because I know somebody who had around 3.0 gpa and
less than 1300 of a chalk up on SAT but got into a good 4 year college that I didn't get into, adjectives because he had a good essay and did an early access.

You are not screwed in anyway even if all fails because I know various people who transferred from 2year community college to good schools similar to UCLA, UW, UC Berkely, USC- because they took the second chance in college with an extreme stab.

So do your best and don't let your anxiety keep you from pulling up your GPA or hope.
Good luck man. Peace. Source(s): Myself and my friends
It's a rough start, but you're not screwed. If you keep getting A's and B's the subsequent two years you should be fine. Colleges really look at your senior year the most to see if you took challenging classes and did well academically. Don't get me wrong, they'll look at adjectives your grades, but they'll see you got out of your 2.8 and did well afterward. We all mess up occasionally. You'll be fine if you of late study harder and do well from now on.
It depends on the school. If you want to catch into a University school you should try for a GPA higher than 3.7. Also, you should do well on the SAT and math is a big section of it so study hard. This summer I visited many different colleges approaching New York University, University of Florida, USC, UCLA, and they all require I GPA higher than 3.8.
You can easily win it to a 3.5 or better if you have just started your sophomore year. Plus the SAT or ACT matter only just as much as your GPA
2.8 is a bad article. As far as the math teacher, don't blame them. I had a bad math lecturer yet I still managed to get a apt grade. If you do well for the next three years your GPA will shift up, but it will never be a 4.00. There is a chance though that you could get into a good college. Some clad school accept 3.3-3.5

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