How do you get the impression more or less taking classes online?

So I got switched out of one of my classes without any say within it. My new teacher is horrible, and is failing me for the whole class even though I wasn't even contained by her class for the first month of school. I have an F. So I am considering dropping the class and taking it online instead. How do you feel in the region of this?
I took seafaring science online and passed with a cinch. It's easy because you can be listening to itunes looking at myspace and doing ur online class adjectives at once with no worries. I passed my class with a B + and never even really put any effort into it at adjectives. Aslo you can google most of the questions on the quizes and tests. Source(s): took and online class
Before doing this, make sure the online course you picked out will be permitted by your high school - many won't be. It might not even be an leeway to take it online. You've already missed month of an online course as well - not all of them are 'work at your own pace' and lots that are assign a lot of work - it's not a great idea to take an online course surrounded by a subject you don't normally do very well surrounded by because you won't have anyone to help you if you get confused.
i think its a great idea. at my school, if you're taking an online class, you're also assigned to a tutor who will abet you if you're having problems learning the material. gossip to your counselor and she can tell you your options if you want to do it online....
also, i think you should communicate someone about what your teacher is doing. she's supposed to excuse the work that you didn't do since you're weren't in her class past. she could get in a lot of trouble for giving you zero, when you weren't even enrolled in her class.

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