Is a GPA of 3.23 angelic? Is it considered a B, B+, or what? Thanks.?

Answers:    That's around a B+ (3.3 = B+, 3.7 = A-). So yes, that's pretty good. It's not going to get you into a top college, but definitely a state school (not a top one surrounded by CA) or some of the less-well-known liberal arts colleges.
Depends where you're from! - In Australia, a 3.23 is a fail. 4 is the overhaul grade, and 7 is high distinction.
Yes, it's clothed.
yes .. i think its reeli good... i expect its hard to get a 4.o thesis days cuzz of all the extra things we are having to swot.. so tht is really good.. congrats!
hell yeah its good A two point o is average, I preference I had more than a 3.1
yea its good, i deem its a B+
yea, its like a b+. keep that up!!

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