How long are ACT scores good for if you haven't been active in school for a while?

Question:I haven't been in school since June 2002 and I'm getting ready to go back (college) I was wondering if you have to retake the ACT if you've been inactive in school?

5 years
Usually after time away from school you will not have to submit SAT/ACT scores. They will usually only ask for high school transcript information.

Also, most schools have a "mature" learner program, where people who are out of school for a certain amount of time are able to reenter as students by using a different set of admissions requirements.

The best thing to do would be to get in touch with the school you want to attend, and ask them about their admissions process for people who have been out of school.
Ask the school you are going back to. Call the admissions office and ask, I'm sure they can tell you.

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