Can colleges find out if you attended another university if you don't give them the transcripts?

Question:I attended a university and due to my health was unable to fully complete two semesters after the withdrawel deadline. I have about 9 "F's" and did not complete any classes so that leaves a GPA of zero. I would like to attend another university, but I my not be accepted if I send that transcript. How likely is it that the other university would find out that I attended a previous university if I did not tell them? (I know the penalty is explusion) I was just wondering if they a search or something. Thank you

When you start lying, you get into real sticky situations. If they don't check on'll still be constantly worried about them finding out. And what if you're almost finished with school when they discover your lie? You'll certainly be expelled and really destroy your academic career (and future prospects).

If you had an illness that led to those F's, you'll need to send the transcript to the new college, document your illness and send some sort of letter explaining the circumstance.

Often on transfer applications, there is a section that asks, "Was your work at your previous college representative of your abilities? If not, explain." That would certainly be a good place to explain your circumstances.

I wish you the best of luck!
Why not just be upfront and honest about the situation? If there is documented proof of an illness, then submit that and let them know you are committed to completing your education. What's better for you: Being honest or risking expulsion for selective lying because you had something to hide?

Use some common sense and do the right thing...especially if getting a degree means something to you.
You will have to let them know. The way they can find out is when you fill out your FAFSA. It automatically shows all schools you applied for any type of financial aid.

You can however refuse to accept the transfer credits you had at your other school. This will start you over again.
If those F's show up on the transcripts that you submit, you'll have to explain them.

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