How do I gross an architecture portfolio for applying to college?

Several people have told me that I should consider majoring in architecture contained by college. Most require a portfolio, but I don't really know how to go about building one. I have some pieces from college art class, but not much on my own or architecture related. What should I include? What am I trying to prove with it?
I am surprised to hear that schools would need a portfolio for admission. When I applied to various architecture schools in 1991, at hand was no such requirement. Graduate school was a different story which did require a portfolio. I included photographs of models and similes of my design boards of projects from each year of school as well as construction drawings and sample of artwork.

I doubt that you have built up a body of architectural work at this point in time unless you have taken some relatebeside yourselfses in high school. If you enjoy, include those drawings as well as copies of artwork that you have done and even photographs.

What you are trying to prove is that you have some opulent sensibilities and basic artistic skills.

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