Where do i find my lexile range?

Question:i knew it in when i was in 6th grade but that was almost 4 years ago and i was wondering if anyone knew of where i could test my lexile range now. i am homeschooled (and it's summer..) so any websites or books you could suggest would be much appreciated. thanks!

Ok, I don't know mch about this. I looked it up online and found this website: http://www.lexile.com/

It says that you can get your lexile range via your school, but obviously that's not too helpful here! Lol.

So I found this page on the site: http://www.lexile.com/desktopdefault.asp...

It contains links to other sites where you can get lexile measurements. However, the sites listed don't seem all that helpful. Again- lol. And sorry!

I will keep looking and post updates in my answer. I've starred this question because I find it very interesting. I hope that it is answered eventually, because I would like to find my own lexile range! :-)
This is the one my son took:


It will tell you more than just the Lexile range. It's worth the money.

Here's the link for HS'ers:



There is a sample report at this link. The full report shows the Lexile level:


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