9th order schoool supply enumerate helpppppp!?

hey im starting highschool this year and i have no idea what to get can you lend a hand me pleaseeeee!

Just a binder of papers...pen...pencil..calculator.

thats it..

the teachers will tell u what u have need of the 1st day.

Have a great freshmen year =) Source(s): am a sophmore
just the simple things. Youll just involve papers and a binder, couple notebooks (different color so it will be so much easier to find the right one for each class) for different classes(some teachers approaching it better if you have seperate notebooks for each class), pencils, black and or blue pen (teachers are picky about what kind of pens you can use), and thats just about it for the first day because the teachers will usually tell you what you entail for their class...good luck!^_^ Source(s): Sophomore this year!^_^
LOL. I freaked out the first day of Freshman year.

All you need is probably 3 notebooks, thesis, pencil, pens, and a binder. But the teachers usually tell you what you entail for their class. Remember, every teacher is different.I usually go back-to-school shopping after the first day of conservatory so I don't buy things I don't need. Source(s): expurrrrience.
If you live near a Staples they have a unharmed list for every grade on what you will need. :)

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