7xy+4 when x=-5 and y=-2?


Multiply the variables: -5 x -2

Then replace the variables in the problem with the above product.

So it should look close to this: 7 x [the product of x and y] + 4.
OK this is how u work out a problem like that, replace the letters for the numbers they represent. EX: 7xy+4= if x=-5 and y=-2 later this is how u are going to place them 7(-5)(-2)+4= then you multiply 7x-5x-2 witch will give u 70 then u a short time ago add the four thats how u get ur answer 74. hope i help rather lol :) Source(s): Using the calculator n basic math
7 times -5 times -2.

7 x -5 =-35

-35 times -2 = 70

70 + 4 = 74

you def know this isn't hard but you just want the answer. can't blame you. workings not my thing any. just plug it in and multiply first and add 4.
7 x -5 x -2 =4
the answer is 74
not that hard... Source(s): calculator

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