How do I not get distracted while studying/doing homework on computer?

Question:Everyday I come from school, I get very tired...I eat something, then watch TV for a couple of hours, then go on computer, after that, I have to start doing my homework because there's not much time left but even if I start doing it, I get very distracted since I have to do it on computer.So I either do it in the last minute or hand it in late.What should I do to get more organized, and do my homework without getting distracted??

First of all, do not watch television that long. Limit yourself to 30 minutes to an hour of television. You can always watch television after you finish your homework.
Number two, write down all your homework assignments and when they are due in a notebook or planner. Below the assignment, write down your estimate of how long it will take to finish.
Finally, when you get home, add up all your estimates. Subtract your estimates from the free time you have to do your homework. This way you know about how much time you have to eat, watch television, ect.

I hope this helps. Good luck!
first of all, don't watch TV before homework, reward yourself with it later. Do your homework as soon as possible when you come home. If you need to eat first, that's fine. But do it while you're still fresh. And then it'll be out of the way. You could put on headphones to drown out any other noise or just play some instrumental music, (any style you might like) without vocals that might help you remain more focused. If you get a relaxation CD that plays tones to induce the alpha brain wave state, even better. Being in the alpha state helps you be more concentrated on learning and studying.
A couple of things I do are:

- I have wireless internet, so to avoid surfing the web, I'll turn it off while I'm working (unless I'm researching or something) so I'm not tempted
- I have to work with noise (if I don't, I get bored...I'm not sure why this works) so I'll put on a movie I've seen 1000 times so that I don't need to watch, but I can still listen to it, this is usually while doing tedious homework like math or chemistry
- I tend to do it 50/10, 50 minutes of work followed by 10 minutes of whatever, usually I'll get a snack or watch a couple of youtube videos or something
- If I have to pull an all-nighter, I usually work for a few hours, then get up and move for a half hour or so, I'll do laundrey or make a sandwich or exercise, that way I have more patience to sit all night
- If you're in college, go to your library or if not, go to your local library. It's a lot easier to study if you know you can't do anything else without having to drive home

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