Persuasive speech on drinking more water?

Question:It's for a college class and needs to be 6 minutes. I'll explain it completely because a few people didn't understand. I want to know if this is a good topic, Persuading people to drink more water I mean. If you have any better ideas please share them.

Ahh, I lost my answer ---

I wish someone could persuade me to drink more (make that enough) water. Everyone agrees it is good for your health and our bodies are made of mostly water. I think you can find a lot of facts and present them in a logical way. Perhaps you will have to appeal to my emotions and scare me into drinking more water. Maybe you can tell what the bad effects are of not drinking enough water - what dehydration will do. I would need to know how to make water taste better and a plan of how to drink a lot of water in a day. You would need to refute a lot of excuses people have for not drinking water, but I think you can do a good job on this topic. Good luck.
persuasive speech towards being healthy drinking more water, eating more vegetables/fruits, exercising. in ur case you may want to expand rather than narrow its ur choice though
You don't necessarily want to persuade people to drink MORE water, because you don't know how much they are already drinking. What you want to do is persuade them to make sure they are drinking ENOUGH water.
There is an old canard that people should drink eight glasses of water a day. Untrue! People need eight glasses of liquid per day, but they can get part of that from other sources. Fruits have a high water content. Veggies have a good water content. Everything that doesn't come in powdered form has some water content. So they have to evaluate what they are eating, along with what they are drinking.
You might also point out that there are minor consequences to dehyrdration, as well as the major, serious health concerns. And one of the biggies is that dehydration makes it very hard to stay alert and to study. Taking a break once an hour to get up. walk around the room for a couple of minutes and have a glass of water, helps you get through those long study sessons.
here are some points you research:
1. pop/soda has lots of sugar and stuff
2. coffee can give you kidney stones
3. achol is just plain bad for you cuz its like your intoxicating your body
4. can we purify salt water? (oceans)
5. our main resourses of fresh water are the great salt lakes

lol you have to do a 6 minute persuasion speech?? i did that in 5th grade and im still in grade school
I'm in the National Guard and we constantly here "hydrate or die" its a bit drastic but none the less true. you could speak on what water does IE hydrate, keeps your skin clear, helps your immune system, It cools you down. explain why its better to drink water short term than Gatorade. (side note Gatorade is used for more than an hours worth of activity and drinking Gatorade right off the bat won't help you it'll hurt you by screwing up your electrolytes) I'm pretty sure you could stretch the importance of drinking water you could either speak about the benefits of it or the fact that the Troops everywhere from Iraq to the National Guard all drink water to help hydrate themselves.
Why it is really important to wear sunblock, because you know, not enough people wear sunblock. Also, due to the harmful sunrays, you can get skin cancer.

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