Are there any free preschool placements in Dudley???

everywhere has to offer free child places for children of the age of three, not 2 (but some might)

If you take the child to the school or nursery a few months before his/her third birthday they will take your information and he will then be inrolled a month after his/her third birthday.

some private nursery's charge but all schools will be free for 3yr olds.
Can you be specific-do you mean a work placement for yourself or a place at a nursery for your child? Try your local Sure Start centre-the local primary school will have the number.
It does appear that the Free for 2 program is a pilot program offered only in Sandwell. However, for more information:

If you are a parent and are interested in
accessing a place please contact Sandwell
Childcare Information Service on 0121 569
4914. If you are a childcare provider and would
like to know more about taking part in the
project, or work with families and would like
more information, please contact Matt Till or
Mark Gidden on 0121 569 4967.

You might also be able to get assistance here:
You could try phoning the Children's Information Service on

Telephone: 01384 814399

Hope that helps
Certain areas of the country are piloting the 2yr old scheme. such as easington near Durham. It seems unfair to others that their child cant go because they live in the wrong area. I believe that the Durham pilot is nearly over and no-one is really sure what is going to happen, the 'results' of the pilot will be looked into and then descisions will be made about continuing / extending the areas covered.

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