Question:Any ideas for activities for children in Foundation stage age 3 and 4 yrs to do with the theme going on holiday and where you stay, ie hotels, caravans etc? Thanks.

- Lotto game with holiday pictures
- stories
- role play
- change your home corner into an airport, hotel, beach, caravan etc
- get them to draw pictures of previous holidays or somewhere they would like to visit
- sand/water play
- junk modelling to make transport (plane, boat etc)
Well,the activities you do is to play with fun with 3-4 years old.
Play them with egg hunting like Easter Sunday!Just remember don't play with some pointed objects.
In addition to what xHx offers we also set up our role play as a travel agents,
we offer a nursery teddy (doesnt have to be Barnaby Bear, no problems if it gets lost) to go on trips with families and have photos taken
We bought a tent from Tesco (£10) and set that up in garden
We talked about our own experiences and used photos if available.
We had little travel bags with a range of clothes and the children could pack what they wanted.

We looked at transport - boats, cars, ferry, hovercraft, aeroplane train etc made a graph of who had been on what/when

one teachers brother is a pilot and he got us a video of the plane taking off... landing and we set up our chairs as a plane, made passports, boarding cards etc. Kids loved it.
Turn role play area into a travel agents: get brouchures, till, sun hats, empty bottles of lotion, scarfs etc. Have suitcases, bags etc around for them too and lots of paper pens etc.

Postcards in the writing areas, headed/lined paper etc for CLL.

How about asking kids to bring in holiday photos and making a display to talk about PSE/CLL

Maths: Make cars, buses, planes from chairs and props around room, talk about how many seats you need, tickets etc. MD
Yes,painting in a paddling pool, large junk modelling of any method of traveling,woodwork boats to talk about floating & sinking etc.Make milkshakes,picnic food and talk about suncream and hats etc for keeping safe from the sun etc Loads more ideas but not enough time, try the website

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