Birthday chart, please help, colouring of the candles?

Question:Hey everyone. I am doing the birthday chart,for each month we have the different cakes & stuff. I am doing the 'candles' which has the child's name & there brithday. It has the 'stick' of a candle & instead of putting a flame I had drawn a star. It is on white paper. I have no idea what colours to put on them. I have the names & dates printed out in black. I was thinking of maybe putting silver glitter on the star & have no idea what colour to put on the white paper before I put the glitter on??

It is going to be laminated to be put on the wall. Can anyone please help me with which colour I should colour on the paper?

Use the different holidays in the month to decide which color that months candles should be. I am understanding this to mean that you have different months for more than one child.if this is correct then use the holidays for instance in March is St.Patrick's Day so do those candles green, July is 4th of July so use red, white, and blue, etc etc. Have fun!
if you are of 7 years of age then colour them in rainbow colours so that you life will we like its colours
Birth stone. You could colour each month with the month's stone colour.

.Month Birthstone and its Alternate
January Garnet Rose Quartz
February Amethyst Onyx
March Aquamarine Red Jasper (Bloodstone)
April Diamond Rock Crystal (Quartz)
May Emerald Chrysoprase
June Pearl (the only non-mineral) Alexandrite or Moonstone
July Ruby Jade or Carnelian
August Peridot Aventurine, Sardonyx, or Sapphire
September Sapphire Lapis lazuli
October Opal Pink Tourmaline
November Yellow Topaz Citrine or Turquoise
December Blue Zircon Turquoise, Lapis Lazuli or Tanzanite
I would use the colors of the birthstones as the candles.

January: dark red (garnet)
February: dark purple (amythest)
March: light turquoise (aquamarine)
April: white (diamond)
May: dark green (emerald)
June: light pink (the faux alexandrite; also would pass for pearl
July: dark red, with a kind of pinkish tinge to it (ruby)
August: light green (peridot)
September: dark blue (sapphire)
October: a kind of off-white, with a little greenish blue (opal)
November: yellow (yellow topaz)
December: slightly darker turquoise than March, or a light blue (blue topaz)

I would do a kind of firey color (red, orange or yellow, or a combination) and then put iridescent (not silver or gold) glitter, for the star.
I think I would give each child a paper with a candle on it and let him/her color it. If the name and birth date are already on it, just put out colors you can see through like yellow, pink, orange, etc). If you are going to put a sticker with the name on it, then let them use any color. Water colors also work well, but I would cover up the brown and black, because you can't see through them.

Then I would take the candles and cut them out and continue with your chart as planned. Be sure the paper you give the children is heavy enough so the candles won't wrinkle when you glue them on.

I love the idea of using a star for the flame and I know the children will too.

You probably need to wait to laminate each calendar until just before each month in case you get new students. If you don't have school in the summer, you may want to make a summer birthday cake. You may also make a cake for the children who came too late to make it on a monthly cake.

I hope you find some of these suggestions helpful. Have fun!

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