Any good travel games or printables you know about for a 8 hour car ride with a 4 year old?

I am a daycamp coordinator/preschool teacher and a wonderful website to print off FREE colouring/activity sheets is
I use it all the time for working with children. So many colouring sheets it will blow your mind.
coloring books are great.
for the 4 year old - coloring pages, connect hte dots, draw your own character

for you - suduko!!!!...
You could buy one of those travel aquadoodles or a video game system. The color explosion or color wonder are great too. A portable DVD player might help (they even have cheap ones like video now and you could buy spongebob and others like it). Another thing that I play with my daughter is looking for letters or different colors of cars. Stickers work well too.
Don't put your radio or music on in the car. I think you'll find the toddler asleep after the first hour. Maintain a quiet atmosphere and steady driving..zzzzzz
Car bingo. Make a bingo card with a railroad track sign, stop sign, pizza place, etc etc then while on your trip have him/her fill up their bingo card. We did this and it was great fun!

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