4 year outmoded student will not sit on his backside, will solely squat within circle time. Help?

This is not for potty training. This is how the child will sit at circle time. He will not let his rear touch the floor so he only squats. He also have a bit of OCD and does not like loud noises. Any suggestions?
Let him. He may be a kinestic learner and need slight body movement to focus. Watch his recoil to sittting on chairs or how easily he squats to see if it is done with ease. Or delicately mention it to parents hey may have insight. Let him sit near you on a stool.
He's potty trained? No poop in the pants? That's often a sign if the child won't sit on his bottom.

If that's not it afterwards I'd say either use the kids who do sit correctly as the example of how to sit and see if he caves beneath peer pressure (that sounds so bad!) Otherwise, let him squat. OCD is a big thing and sometimes you hold to make certain concessions to get by. I'd show him how to sit on his bottom, show him that his classmates do it, enjoy them show him and talk to the parents about it, but who likes conformity anyway? If he won't, he won't, so merely be happy he sits still. Source(s): Preschool Teacher
Let him squat.

What you want is for him to be in the circle at circle time, listen to the story or whatever. You are looking for him to be attentive, to participate to the best of his ability, and to realize that he wants to be part of the group activity. He's doing all that.

If he have a problem with sitting down on the floor, then so be it. He may be doing the best he can just by squatting, and in actuality sitting is too much for him right now. Maybe later in the year he will perceive more comfortable and sit. Source(s): Preschool Teacher
as long as he isn't squatting like a 'w'. I can't think of how to describe this, but it is an infantile squat, looks similar to a w, and can damage leg growth when kids are still sitting like this in preschool. Does he sit contained by chairs? then he is OK sitting on his bums. will he sit on a pillow? carpet square? these may be options that backing. or, just let him sit in a bench! These options gotta be more comfy than squatting!! Source(s): preK teacher
The behavior that you are describing is normal for children with autistic tendency and having OCD is in the same nearest and dearest of illnesses. Does this child have stomach or bathroom problems? I would bet anything that his strange posture has to do with some sort of digestive or bathroom distress. He must find it comforting for some reason to sit this way. I would allow him to do it. He really does have a right reason for it, even if we can not see what it is.

Good Luck!
Let him sit or squat any way he requirements as long as he does not bother his neighbors. Sounds like he's dealing with some issues and finds sitting uncomfortable or in recent times unacceptable. Have you talked to his parents? Is anyone working on his sensory issues?

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