"" HELP "" how would you restate these children's comments within responding to the child.?

- look at the really weird little man

- Benny can't play in the doll house because he's a boy

child care assessment im stuck on please sustain!
OK so you would say to the child in the first instance 'the man isn't weird, he purely looks different to us, everybody is different and special in their own way'
The second instance you would say ' Benny can play in the dolls house, boy and girls can play beside the same toys' Source(s): Studied Children's Care Learning and Development aged 0-16 years (level 3) and worked with children for 5 years.
Restating children's comments is a useful tool contained by the classroom to encourage a greater scope of thinking and imagination. But when it comes to controversial statements, it can make even the most clear adult cringe with mortification.

The first step wold be to take out adjectives negative words: "weird" or "can't".

Second step, Confirm observation: "That is a little person/man", "He is have fun playing in the doll house".

Third step: wait for more questions to follow.....tolerate the child lead the conversation. Most important, avoid putting an "explanation" on controversial matters. It's not up to you to "TELL" the child what to regard as....only to take out whats negative.

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