Question:I told all of the students to take out their HW and put it on their desk.(This was just a spot check)

One student refused and had a C.D. player on. I took the C.D. player off of his ears and asked to see his homework. He pulled out a paper that said F**K YOU! (I know this kid has issues so I just said AND YOUR REWARD FOR THAT IS A DOUGHNUT, do you want it chocolate, sprinkled or glazed?) In my class a Dougnut is a ZERO! When I checked the next person's paper in his row, he grapped me by the neck from behind and it felt like he tried to choke me. I got him off of me and he punched me in the face. I picked his NARROW AIZ UP BY HIS SHIRT AND SLAMMED HIM AGAINST THE WALL AND RESTRAINED HIM! Then he looked really scared and started apologizing.

1 Wk later his parents filed assault charges and now the head principal has placed me on suspension,
1. what do I do?
2. Was I wrong for restraining him?
3. Should I have let a snotty noise 15yr old beat the sh*t out of me?

I'm so surprise that the principal has put you on suspension, and not supported you. The principal should have told this 15 yr old this would not be tolerated in his school. This would never happened where I am. Why do American parent think my little darling would never behave like this.

Surely you have whiteness who saw what happened in the classroom? I don't think you were wrong to restraining him, since he had his hands around your neck, and acting in a violent manner. Any good principal would put their staff first and not tolerate this kind of behavior from students
You should gather the students in the class at the time as witnesses and go to the principle. If your really 'ticked' you could press charges...

...him being only 15 would probably confess If enough pressure is put upon him.
Write down every solitary detail you possibly can remember, including all times and the first and last name of every student who would have witnessed it. Hire a lawyer. Press charges for assault against the student. You were ABSOLUTELY right in protecting yourself and the other students from this unpredictable, violent person. Your principal might have placed you on paid leave until a full investigation but obviously felt suspension was warranted, rightly or wrongly. Avoid putting any more details such as exactly how you felt about the student or the nature of your restraint in a public forum such as this. Good luck.
You should have immediately called the office and gotten the Principal down there. Getting the kid off of you was good but you shouldn't have slammed him against the wall. Unless you have kids who can back up what happened you are probably SOL (sh*t out of luck). But they family will have to have proof that you did what you did.

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