AHHH!School supplies!?

Question:I'm one of those people who are SUPER organized and need the perfect stuff to get organized. My problem is I had this perfect paper holder last school year, but it broke! I'm trying to find one like that. Also I'm trying to find a 5subject-notebook. and i HATE 3 ring binders. If anyone can help me just holler!

walgreens sell 5-subject binder and you should get them when they are on sale, for the other things, i can't help u on that
oh well friend just try wal-mart or target =] and also please try and be specific on what your looking for , [like the name of the brand] , here try wal-mart's website to search for your supplies:
or target:

just type what your looking for in the "search" box or browse departments by categories
um Calm Down Best I Can Say Go To The Store And Find Wat You Need The Only Way To Get Wat U Need Is 4 U 2 Get It Your Self

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