All Girls Boarding School?

Question:My parents have been wanting to retire for a long time, to North Carolina. They still need another year to sell the house, get someone to take over their businesses, etc, so they investigated boarding schools for me to go to, and found an all-girls boarding school in NC. Its a very nice school, with nice students, teachers, and excellent education. I think if I went there, I could get into an at least above average college. The thing is, I'd hate to leave my friends, family, and everything that is familiar to me; I get homesick very easily, but honestly I think I could get through that. Another thing is that I don't like the idea of people other than my parents having authority over me. And finally, I'm not crazy about the fact that its all girls. I'm in 8th grade so I've started to make guyfriends, but over there I'm afraid I won't meet any guys at all. Some other little things are that I don't like how you have a roomate (no privacy) Could you please give me advice on what to do?

Well do you even have a choice?
If so, the think about this. You are leaving all your friends behind and most likely losing them, and there won't be any boyfriend experiences.
BUT, you can make friends and eat all the time with them, and it would be like an all-year sleep over. You would eat with them and do everything! Sounds fun! You would also be getting a fabulous education.
So the real question is, do you care more about long-term success (going), or short-term happiness?
just do not get involved in lesbianism

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