Advice for high school?

Question:Any advice for high school im going to be a freshman next year. i need everything from homework,cliques,fashion & more. thanks!

About homework: just do your best, but don't stress out too much. You need to strike the right balance between being a good student and having fun also.
Cliques and fashion: don't even think about these things unless you're so shallow you have no character on the inside.
Other things: join clubs and get involved with activities at school. They will help you meet people and have fun, and will also come in handy for your college apps.
Good luck!
Well dont dress like a whore. Dont stand in huge crowds with all of your other friends in the hallway. Just act normal and friendly and all of the upperclassmen will be okay with you. If you start causing drama though it will be rough.
ok i dont know your look or personality so i cant give you the advise on who to hang out with. But yes cheat as much as you can and enjoy your days becuase after these 4 years you have to really try in life. Miss as many days as you can and enjoy them. Make sure you become freinds with your teachers this will pay off in the long run they can give leeway on grading. I was always a flirt with my female teachers and lol i think they liked the attention i think. I had a few teachers change f's to d's.
just perform socially as others. Nothing complicated.
homework...mostly busy work but pay attention to what you're doing. shouldn't matter who's who and who's not. just stick around the people you feel comfortable with and don't let peer pressure get the best of you.
fashion...its high school, you're not a fashion model. go with the flow.

word of advice, dont watch those highschool movies, they're nothing like that. no real mr./mrs. popular. no real losers/nerds. nothing like that. time's changed.
That is the most aggravating part of high school for me. I really love every part of high school except for that.
Also, don't become a mindless zombie. Be yourself. Do what YOU want to do, even if some of your friends might find it stupid.
Good luck!

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