Advantages and diadvantages in amazon online shopping.?

Question:advantages and diadvantages in amazon online shopping

Advantages - better prices/selections
Disadvantages - have to pay for shipping/wait for it to arrive/ pain to return

-It's a one stop shop (for the most part) - meaning you can find just about anything there without having to shop around first
-Ability to buy used products as well as new
-Product reviews are sometimes helpful
-Most prices are competitive
-They store your info for easy checkout
-Easy to remember URL

-Prices are not always competitive - can find books, cds, etc. cheaper at places like or
-Shipping is slightly expensive - again can find cheaper shipping at places like
-No coupons, sales, or promos - can't find coupons for these guys on coupon sites or rewards programs like
-No rewards for loyal customers - most places have a rewards program - why don't they? They also are not available for rewards on sites like or upromise

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