Actually i'm studing but my problem i' can't memorise my lesson why is it so ?

it's because of you study to memories it but not to understand and learn it . Believe me when you understand what you re read , it will help you in memorising what you read . You can also teach yourself , make your learning fun and change the way you learn until you got what you want . You must study smart than study hard . Exercise will definitely help you , don't forget about this .
Don't try to memorize your lesson, try to learn it instead. If you spend your time learning rather than memorizing, you will actually find it easier to remember what you need to know for tests. It may seem strange, but try it and you may well be surprised that it works.
I'm a teacher.. my answer would be to relax... don't worry about "memorizing" it per say.. know what you are going to teach, and teach it. your students will be unpredictable anyway, so if you memorize, it wouldn't be good because you'll have to go away from it... just relax and take a breath! =) you can do it.
sometimes it happens our mind says that we must read now but we are not actually we are unable to memorise what we are reading. take some rest and try to learn.if still some problem. then try to understand what you are reading,with full concentration in quite circumstances and ask your family members not to disturb you.

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