A week before, an exam is it best to just concentrate on revision?

Question:I feel like my whole week should be spent on revision. Would you recommend it?

yes but it is also very important to have breaks in between.
lol same XP i am having my exam next week. Yes, revise the important topics
Good luck for your exam
i would definately spend time on revision
make sure oyu have breaks and rest properly too..
i find writing thigns out helps me learn things, but everyone has different ways of doing things...
and timetable it out properly
plan your days out and how much time you spend on each part of the subject

good luck
It's better than not revising at all. But take regular breaks because youll justs top taking things in eventually. Good Luck!
just do some revision, cos you're supposed to have finished studying all of the problems.
and the day before the exam, just relax. do not study or do anything so hard
Assuming that you have worked sensibly through the course, a week before is much too late to revise. It will just clog up your mind with the thing you saw last. Go out and play tennis or something, and come fresh and relaxed to the exam. The same technique is good for musical performances, big matches, races etc. Do all your rehearsal/practice/training in good time and have at least one day at half-pressure and one total rest day before the big one. With exams after a two-year course, a week completely free is advisable.

On the other hand, if you spent the last year reading Playboy under the desk while the teacher rabbitted on, and have no real idea about anything, then swot like ten men - because owt is better than nowt, and you might just pass.

In any case,

suerte, hombre.
yes i would
i would make up a revision timetable you dont want to be doing too much revision you need to have breaks to give your brain a rest.good luck for your exams.xx
I've just done my Scottish highers and I think that you should study about 4-6 hours a day.
If you are revising a science or maths starting at 6am is a very good idea although it doesn't seem like so.
One thing is don't be nervous on the day.
I am assuming you are at secondary education and not at uni
i would - put the work in and youll reap rewards later
Definately devote ur last week b4 exams to study...
But remember dont overload ur self.. Do an Hr's study and then have a break and reward urself. Then do another hr and have another break.. (And it continues on...) The week b4 exams should also be an assesment free week so u have no homework or assignments.. (But if ur teachers say it isnt then dont argue with them)
Good luck and dont stress!
i would really. corse u gotta have some breaks, but just think... it wont be long until the exams are over so you might as well study now and ahve fun after.

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