"summer corner" for school newspaper?

Question:what should I include other than a smoothie recipe, a few jokes, summer's top movies and horoscopes?
it's for a jr high school paper

You could do an advice column where people ask you questions by e-mail. Be careful what you select and keep them simple. You could do reviews of movies and some local teen priced restaurants and hangouts. Add local festivals and events- focus on ones teens would like that at free.
(wow- I'd like to write that...) LOL Have Fun!
My college's paper had a peice on sun safety that included common dangers such as heat stroke, sunburns, and dehydration, what to do if they happen, and how to prevent them. It was in this chart that took up an entire page. Just an idea.
u can hav interviews of ex students who hav left the school
or recent students who r going to complete their schooling.wat they think, miss abt the old school days
after all schooldays r golden days of the life

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