8th Grade History?

Question:Do you need to remember the stuff you learned in U.S. history in 8th grade for high school? Will we have to cover anything we learned in 8th grade in high school history classes?

Yes and No.

Depends on the curriculum of the teachers.

Most students will study many of the same stuff in high school. If you wrote a paper, did work sheets, did a project, had your tests returned, etc, keep them.
Yes. And you'll need it again in college. And then in life, if you plan on being an informed, intellectual individual. Remember, history repeats itself...and it should in your brain as well.
Defenitely yes! What you learned in history must be remembered not only for your studies in high school but
for the rest of your life, because it is very important to know
your heritage and you can pass on this knowledge to other
people and even your would be children.
Yes, because school is a learning experience, and learning consists of old knowledge used as building blocks for new knowledge. Every subject in school is the same way.

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