Academic diagnostician pricing...?

Question:Does anyone know where there might be a price list of what private academic diagnosticians charge or what the fee for services are in academic testing centers? I am curious as what is reasonable to expect to be charged for private services for a child needing private academic based testing and tutoring this summer. Thanks!

An academic diagnostician performs academic testing in order to formulate an appropriate instructional intervention. Diagnostic assessment can take many forms. It may involve giving “tests,” but it is much more than that. It is a variety of activities that help you to gather data about a person. It will likely take more than one contact, and those contacts may build upon one another. Therefore, how much you'd have to pay really depend on many factors. Okay I would really like to help but I've never hired an academic diagnostician before; I just know what it is. Why don't you get help from the experts. Go to sites where many academicians, tutors & retired teachers hang out:
3) ... and many more (use search engine).
Good luck!

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