1st grader needs extra help, ideas please!?

Question:i need some tactics to teach a first grader to grasp reading. He goes to school but i believe the teachers dont show him special attention. websites w/ reading games,wrksheets, lessons! please i would appreciate it! help me better his life!

My mom taught me how to read by writing out personalized reading sheets and teaching me tricks to remember words. For example, she would turn the Os in the word look into little eyes so I so i would remember eyes help you look. Teach him a new rule every week (Like o=y makes the oi sound such as boy, toy, ahoy...) and then make reading sheets that focus on that rule along with exceptions to the rule and past rules you have covered before. Also read lots of doctor seuss. When he get's good, have him read captain underpants or another easy chapter book.
Try some of these sites:


I have a 1st grader, it is more difficult, especially since he is a boy. You need to find a way to teach him the sounds of the letters first and then start creating words with the sounds that you have made. Good luck!
The most important thing you can do is to read to him and read with him. I'm not sure why the teacher should show him special attention, but reading in school alone is rarely enough. Also, if he sees you reading, he is more likely to want to imitate you, realizing it is something somone he admires does. You might also take him to get a library card - having his own and being able to choose his own books can seem very special.

I would avoid worksheets and lessons - that makes reading seem more of a task than a pleasure. He will get plenty of that in school, and it isn't inspiring. For games, look at www.lakeshorelearning.com. They sell teacher's supplies, a lot of which seem like toys to kids. I have been buying things for my nephews there for years, they never think they are getting something "educational", and some of these items have become favorite "toys".
I am a first grade teacher that used some tatics that proved to be very successful.

1. Use magnetic letters and place them on baking pans or pizza pans. You can move the letters around and have your child practice building the words that you say aloud. Go on the internet and find a list of words that need to be mastered by the end of first and begin with the easiest words.

2. Keep praising your child for any accomplishment to increase his confidence and interest in reading. Also read to him each night and he can change the endings to what he likes.

3. When you read to him, use different voices and be very expressive and then have him practice doing this.

4. Have him begin writing his own stories although the letters wont make much sense and put it on the fridge. Keep building from his work. Have him write another story only tis time you help him with writing the words. Make it a short story and have make the story about something he loves.

5. Have him use markers to write a word and for each sound he gets right, he can use another marker to write over the letter.

6. Use shaving cream so he can practice writing letters and saying the sounds at the same time.

7. Find cds with books of fun stories for him to listen to and to follow. You can also find tapes on sounds and have him listen to this.

Keep doing this and remember that it is not going to get better overnight, but by gaining his interest by making reading fun, he will want to work harder. You will be amazed by the progress he will make.

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