A private school?

Question:my daughter doesnt try at her currant school and i was thinking of moving her toa private school will it motivate her to work? will she suceed more please help she is failing at her school now what do you think ?

I can tell you what happened to me. At math school was at I wasn't do a good job at anything. My parents had me a tutor but it didn't help. I knew I COULD do it but I didn't really care that much. So my parents moved me to a privet school. Also my 2 best friend's parents thought it was a good idea so we all went together. It was called a Montessori school. My grades went WAY up! :-D So did my friend's grades. Then after that we made other friends and so on. It's not a normal Montessori school though, it's more like a normal privet school. It just has different ways to teach. It helped me and my friends. So it could help your daughter. M<aybe if her friends came with her they could get good marks too!

It's whatever you think though, the privet or montessori schools have a different way of teaching. Also my old school was all broken down but privet schools are usually in good condition. Good Luck!
I took my nephew into my home and he was having horrible problems at public school. Was in 7th grade but tested at 3rd grade level. I put him in a small private school. His advancements and achievements were above average. I definitely reccomend a private school.

Good Luck.
personally i dnt realli think it will help .. im in a private skwl now !! .. but i dnt realli thnk itz any betta .. it dependz on the person ,, i was getin guud grades in the public skwl 2 .. n takin part in wateva i wanted 2 :p .. !! umm imoved 2 privtaee cuz i moved country ,, n the i dnt understand the native language they speak in the govt skwlz !!

A guuud talkin 2 , iz wat i advisee !!
I think it might work, because in Private schools the classes are smaller. I find that in the classes they speak more openly and more focus is put on each individual student, but sometimes they are not pushed as hard at private schools. What could work is if you tempt her with some of the clubs/excursions/other exciting things that happen at a private school but say she has to get a certain grade to be accepted. Try to find a private school that will appeal to her, with extra curricular activities etc.
This is a much more complicated issue than the question over private schools vs public schools. You first need to find out WHY she isn't trying hard... Is it too hard for her so she gives up? Is it too easy and she needs more of a challenge? Is the teaching method something that just doesn't work for her? Does she suffer from social problems with regard to her classmates that might cause her to be distracted or simply to hate being there? Does she socialize with her classmates too much? Does she get enough individual attention from her teacher(s)?

Until you can answer those kinds of questions, simply changing her school may do nothing at all. What you need to do is try to find out what is causing her lack of motivation, only then can you find a worthwhile and effective solution. That solution MAY turn out to be that you have to put her in a private school of one sort or another, but it's not guaranteed, and the specific school you put her into would have to be carefully chosen based on the answers to those questions as well.

And speaking as someone who went to private school for 5 years, don't assume that they have no problems, because they have them, they just tend to be different problems sometimes than what public schools suffer from.
Whatever school your daughter attends, you must remember that there is a three-way partnership which will determine her success...her, you and the school itself.
Not knowing her age, then I can only press the following points. You must be honest with yourself. How many books have you got in your home? Does she see you reading quality fiction? How often does she hear adults arguing (and I do not mean quarrelling) over NOT WHAT IS but what COULD be? What music is there in your home? How many activites do you share together?
Even should every answer be in the affirmative, , there is absolutely no guarantee that a private, rather than a state school will provide her with anymore motivation. At the end of the day, I am afraid that it is down to you as much as to her and the school.
I speak not as a theorist. I have had 35 years teaching in English Secondary schools and five children of my own, who to my constant surprise have so far escaped the professional attentions of the hangman!
I STRONGLY suggest a private school. I wasn't doing so well in school either when I was in third grade- but then my mom moved me to a private school... that was literally the best decision ever. My grades, social skills, temper, and everything else in proved. Now, I'm graduating Junior High and I was aloud to choose whether or not I wanted to go to a private or public school. I chose a private school- because I know it's best for me. My whole class (ten people) and all my friends cry everyday because we are going to different high schools. I'm one of two people who know that a private school is better in so many ways, but I'll miss the rest of my friends. Good luck with your daughter.

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